Friday, December 12, 2008

Dinner @ Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant -USJ Taipan (REVISITED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN)

I guess it was the cosy ambiance and great food that brought us back to this place over and over again.

We started off with a bowl of black mussels. We literally licked the bowl clean :p

Black Mussels Lightly Simmered in Its Own Broth & Flavored with Fresh Coriander Spiced with Habaneros.

The lazy me had a beef burrito. The mussels filled up 3/4 of my tummy by the time my main came. Nearly 1/4 of my burito ended up inside X-T's tummy instead..

X-T had Pollo Locco.
It's actually Charbroiled Boneless Chicken Chop Smeared With Black Peppercorn Sauce. It was surprisingly delicious!

A crispy secret

After years of experimenting in the kitchen, I realised that I've did alot of silly things over the stove. Some accidental secrets are a keeper because the dish turns turned out great. Once I was actually frying some chicken strips but I ran out of cooking oil. The only oil available at my kitchen was crisco. So I melted the lump of oil to fry the chickens instead. Well, it turned out the chicken was crispier and tasted even better. After the meal, I checked on the Internet and found out that it was a norm that people actually uses crisco for frying. But that day, when my friend asked what's the secret to crispy chicken, I told them I used cisco. They were so shocked to hear that. Later, I realised that it was actually my typo error. I used Crisco and not CISCO. :p

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change of interest?

I love shopping but lately, I tend to get a little lazy to drive all the way to the mall. I used to go shopping every weekend. With or without a shopping list in hand, I'll just walk and walk to pass the time away. Lately, I noticed that I'm buying my groceries from those tiny little shops near by my house more often than the hypermarket or malls. If possible, I wanted someone to deliver my stuff right to my door step like how the supplier delivers our office supplies to our offices. I wonder what's wrong with me. Change of interest or age is catching up :p

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of my favourite fruit

Besides strawberries, there's another fruit I couldn't live without. Persimmons! Whenever I return to my hometown, mom would usually stock up the fridge with these bright orange coloured fruit. Some like it soft but I like it crunchy.I'm so obsessed with the fruit that I believe if one day, if given a chance to stay in a country where Persimmon trees can be planted, I think I'll plant my own fruits!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vietnam Kitchen @ Jaya33

After church and was hunting for food and as always, we'll be asking each other the same question.... "What and where to eat?". I spotted Vietnam Kitchen as we were shopping for junks at Jaya33's supermarket and I suggested Vietnam Kitchen. I remembered they serve very delicious dishes in the other outlets but I'm not too sure about this one at Jaya33. We gave this one a try..

As always, X-T wanted me to surprise him with my selection of dishes..

The first dish was Fish fillet with 3 sauces and it was good. Juicy fish fillets coated with a hint of sweet, sour and spicy sauce.

Next, we ordered sesame chicken. Boneless chicken meat coated with a light and crunchy batter on the outside. It was good too!

Stir fry lotus root. One word: YUMMY!

The two drinks I would never stop ordering whenever I'm at Vietnam Kitchen. Avocado milk shake & the 8 treasure icey cold dessert. Sigh... let's go get some more :p

Vietnam Kitchen @ Jaya33 was as good as the other branches. Greattttt!

Dressing up for the big day...

The relatives are very excited about our wedding this coming December. We receive emails from uncles and aunties offering their help and I believe we're so blessed and loved. On my last trip back to Ipoh, I noticed that everybody was discussing about what to wear. The ladies were thinking of wearing an evening gown for the wedding reception and the gents were talking about tuxedos . I should've mentioned "smart casual" in the invitation card... hehe..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So much to remember...

Tick tock, tick tock, the wedding day is approaching and the days are getting more and more stressful for the X-T and I. The first thing we noticed about each other is we tend to forget things easily. Be it a task that we need to do or things we need to bring or buy at the supermarket. We just forget! Well, we did program it in our PDA and guess what? We even forget to check our PDA when we arrived at the supermarket. How lei? Not that we can do a memory upgrade like a computer. :(

TJ Haus, SS18 Subang Jaya (Revisited again & again)

Realised that we've been visiting this place over and over again. It's just a tiny little restaurant with only a few tables. Sometimes, we just want a comfortable and quiet dinner without the hoo haa of dressing up "for the occasion". Here we are, once again... dressed down to enjoy our non pretentious European chow and a good chat.

Herbed bread to start off with..

The appetizer we won't miss ordering every time we dine at TJ Haus. It's a platter filled with Smoked Salmon, salad and rosti

Creamy Carbonara which is not too creamy. Good!

We made it to dessert this round cos usually we were too full at the end of our meal. A very delicious scope of Mango Sorbet for sharing.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Novel Cafe, Ara Damansara (Revisited)

We revisited Novel Cafe at Ara Damansara again because...

If we buy 1 pork chop rice set..

...we can get another pork chop meal for free... I asked for meehoon instead of rice and it tasted as as nice! The only difference between the one that comes free is the missing soup, the drink and a tiny piece of fruit. :p

We couldn't decide to have our spring roll appetizer fried or not and so, the very kind waitress suggest we have one of each. X-T preferred the fried crunchy ones..

Since my free meal doesn't come with a drink, I ordered myself a glass of lemonade with peppermint. I wonder what's lacking in the drink but overall, the drink tasted okay.

We're now a member of Novel Cafe ...yay!

The membership card comes with a stack of coupons too. You get something free once each card has been completely stamped. Looked so colourful and somehow these cards reminded me of the property mortgage cards found in a set of Monopoly game hehe...

Till my next craving for Vietnamese food ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saying goodbye to the cash voucher from Korean BBQ Chicken

Once there was a franchise Korean BBQ chicken restaurant at Ara Damansara. X-T and I used to go there very frequently for their char grilled chicken sandwiches. There was a time, they even gave us a RM5.00 cash voucher for our next visit to their restaurant. Before the raya holidays, we had a sudden cravings for their char grilled sandwiches again. We brought along their cash voucher to the place and was surprised to know that the restaurant was no longer there. As for the voucher, we're not able to redeem our meals from other outlets except the one at Ara.. sad...sad....