Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The 9 hours Marathon 2005

Yes, it's Christmas shopping again. It was the Sultan's birthday holiday for the Selangor folks. Woke up early in the morning, had my usual cereal and some milky. Drove all the way to Sunway to pick up my sis. By the time we arrived at Mid Valley, it's already 11am. Well, I thought we were still early but unfortunately we were so wrong! The parking floors were all jammed up...so...me, the "Kiamsiap" girl unwillingly ended up paying for an expensive car wash + vacuum because I lost my patience waiting for a parking space *(*#$#$@#!@.

After 5 hours of shopping, we realized that we've not even completed 40% of the shopping list. Ah Bee and sis needs a dose of kopi..

"Flat White" was perfecto at the DOME! Two thumbs UP!
At 5pm, we head down to One Utama for dinner and continue our shopping.
We had Korean food @ B-B-Q BAR and it was heavenly...
First you lay the piggy lard on the overturned wok.
Place meat on top of the wok and the vege and noodle at the side..
It was yummieeeeeee..
Both of us return home around 9:45pm and yes, mission accomplished. It was a tiring 9 hrs of walking and talking and picking up gifts for family and friends. Well, after all Christmas is a time of showing your love by giving..right? ;)


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