Monday, February 27, 2006

Mumbo Jumbo @ MyPlaCe

We had a little "Potluck" over the weekend...

Ah Bee prepared chicken wings (birdflu FREE) for BBQ and coleslaw..

Emileen's and Kong's husband came early to light up the BBQ pit while the little apprentise (Clement) stands and watch
The list of food prepared by all who came were Spagetti Balognaise, vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake, chicken Wings, coleslaw, fruit Salad, roast sweet potato, BBQ sweetcorn, sausages, Chicken meatballs, popiah, chips, pandan layered jelly & Philippino styled tuna sandwish. Oh ya..not forgetting we had sodas, Champaign, redwine and Vodka too..

It was a blast....and of course there were plenty of leftover which we are gonna have a second party at office today without the booze of course! ;)

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