Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spending A Beautiful Evening with Sandy

Let me introduce you to my little princess named Sandy. She's already 6 yrs old this year.

I’ve not been spending quality time with my little princess at our favourite park since the frequent evening downpour lately. FINALLY, yesterday evening's weather was just fine..I rushed home after work and greet my "Royal Highness" with a smile on my face and she knew that we will be heading to the park to see leng chais..kekeke... OH NO!!!!...I was holding Sandy's right paw...go figure where did her left paw went to? "S-A-N-D-Y!!! how could you do that to me...spoiling our image at the park"

Ahaha...my bitch is trying to parade around the park with her new hair style..Yup, she just went for a day SPA lately and had her bulu trimmed... :P


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