Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Does this photo looks blur to you?

Well, this is what I am experiencing now on both my eyes. infact, I've visited the three big "O"s for the past 2 days:-

The Optician

Went to meet the optician just to check why suddenly my vision is so blur. At the same time, wanna make a new pair of stylo-milo specs and replacement of my existing contact lenses.

Optician off the lights and escort me to the "electric chair" and did a test on my ability to read ABC..

Optician: Read the first line for me
Ah Bee: Cannot read, very blur

After doing some adjustment to the robocop eyepiece..
Optician: Now can you read for me?
Ah Bee: Still cannot, still blur

Adjust.. adjust...
Optician: Now leh?
Ah Bee: Blurrrrrrr

Well, he gave up on me after a 30 minutes test and ask me to see the next "O".

The Optometrist

Well...what can I say?!?, he gave up on me too because after all she has done...the word she hear me repeat was "very very blur, blur and blurrrrrrr" and ask me to see the next "O"..

The Optologist

Ended up making an appointment with Dr Andrew Tan @ Sunway Medical Center. Well, I have a problem with the word doctor, hospital and medicine and I HATE waiting for my turn at the waiting room starring at the doctor's door..

Thank goodness I have this sweet nurse aka doctor's assistant Ms Theresa chatting with me while waiting for my turn. It's actually a good practice that all nurses should learn from her. She just can't stop smiling to the patients (me), isn't that the best medicine?

Both my eyes were dilated and went through a few test...was adviced not to wear any contact lenses and no point checking on my eye further as I am having eye ulcer on both eyes and it could've been there for quite some time liao... on medication now and another appointment set for next week..

Ah Bee says "sigh, blur vision wonder I was with the wrong chap all these years ler..." hekekeke


Allyfeel said...

1st time here... whao...scary ler. Why like that one? Is it the contact lense solution or you were too lazy to soak ur contact lenses?? :D

My Life Journey (II) said...

Hi allyfeel,

welcome welcome... guess its my long nails that causes this :(

5x mom is also facing the same problem..

Anonymous said...

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