Monday, May 29, 2006

Home's Cafe, Ipoh

There are more and more cafes mushrooming around Ipoh City but here's one unique
Kopitiam styled cafe spotted at Greentown, Ipoh. Dad took us there out of curiosity because we was wondering how can Kopitiam style cafes like these survive in Ipoh? We can always get a freshly brewed cup of original "Ipoh Old Town" white coffee at RM1.40 max!
Well... well... I was pretty amazed the moment I stepped into the cafe, not only they are offering the original white coffee but this one serves hazel nut and even orange flavored white coffee.. and they tasted heavenly.
As for food, you'll be spoilled with choices..I believe their signature dish will be the pandan rice with a choice of lamb, asam fish or chicken curry. The rice is tender and not oily. They even serve steaks!

The service was pretty fast and efficient too!