Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bee's day out to Galleriizu

Took 1/2 a day off work to be with my mistakenly-misplaced, biologically-not-connected bro returning to KL for a breaky after his stressful month in Brunei.

I was treated to Monte's Restaurant @ Bangsar shopping centre for a warm and cosy ambience lunch. He had moo moo steak (he claims that beef will form bigger man boobs!) while I had my grilled Salmon steak.

We visited Galleriizu as they're having a poster art exhibition titled “Man+God” at UOA Centre. We were brought on a guided tour by the founder himself, Mr Izuldin Hani. It was very nice of him to spend time with us explaining the meaning behind each posters and showing us his favourite few masterpiece.

As soon as we were left wondering around the gallery, the two curious beings spotted some post-it notes on the wall and they're all notes written to GOD. Apa lagi? Our hands started to get itchy hehe...

Mission accomplished, we stick our letters nearer to "heaven" erm..i mean ceilling.

After feasting our eyes at the gallery, we headed to KLCC for another round of window shopping, followed by dinner at The Curve.

Thanks DL for the ride, the lunch, those lovely jazz CDs, being a fun gallery companion and the "juicy and interesting" topics shared throughout the whole day muahaha..

Warning: To those of you who's planning to write long long letters to God to get their prayers answered, stop wasting your time dude! The correct way to seek Him is through prayers. Kneel down on your knees and start to pray behind close doors ya? Those post-it notes are just for fun though mine was kinda sincere ;)