Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Steamed" Orange

Mom said it's good for cough and dry throat and I can still recall this is one of the "most hated" food in my list because boiled oranges tasted weird and there's a hint of bitter sweet. But well, since I have a cough "victim" with me, I shall do an experiment on him kekeke..

What do you need?
1) One HUGE orange (I bought mine from Cold Storage. At only RM2.99, you get an orange the size of a grapefruit! It's gonna shrink after the "sweating process", so the BIGGER the BETTER!) Please make sure the orange is sweet or else, it's gonna be real bitter..

2) A small lump of rock sugar.

Remove the top of the orange.

Stuff the rock sugar into the orange.

Cover the orange with the top removed earlier and place the orange into the steamer and sweat the orange for about 1.5hrs in medium flame.

Eat while it's still warm..

**I heard friends telling me about steamed pear and green apple too...well, I shall wait for my next victim to try it on...ngek ngek ngek..**

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