Sunday, August 13, 2006

My first dance

A million thanks to my dear Royal Food Taster#2. I managed to get my custom made dance heels (chauffeured twice to the place and I'm still clueless on how to go :S) on time for my LA Style Salsa @ Havana Estudio . ;) .

I know it's never too late to learn but I must say, I SHOULD have started Salsa dancing long long time ago! I've been dancing at the gym for more than a year but I was never thought to stand at the correct posture, how to do a proper turn in "partnerworks" and to do the da sexy!!

Everybody's kinda tensed up on the first lesson and I get sweaty partner's palm on my under arms... gerrrr....RELAK la brother!! hehehe ... Maybe I need to tie two sponges under my arm for my next lesson..

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