Friday, September 22, 2006

You're with the Lord

My dearest uncle Eric

When I was still a little girl
I remembered you’re such a fun person
You never failed to make everybody laugh
You’ll always tickle and snuggle me crazy just to see me giggle and shout

You were there for me when I was betrayed
I’ve heard it a million times but yet your advice stays close to my heart
You assure me that there’ll be a rainbow after the rain, hang in there…
There’re plenty more trees out there…

May 2006, you came back to Malaysia for a holiday
I was overjoyed to receive the warmest hug from you again
Making plans that I’ll visit you in London one day

Aug 2006, news came to me loud and clear
You were diagnosed with cancer
How heart breaking to hear, I wished it was just a bad dream
How did that happen? You look healthy just before you left for England

It was just a week ago, while I was driving you back to Hammersmith Hospital.
You were weak that evening but still, we shared words of encouragement, hopes and dreams
It’s been such a long time since we had a heart to heart talk
It was nice to see you smile; I can see peace and joy in your teary yellow eyes

21st Sept 2006
I believe God doesn’t want to see you suffer in pain anymore
He sends his angels to lead you back to heaven on this day

Nevertheless, I truly don’t want you to go
You said you changed my diapers when I was a baby, I promised that I’ll do the same for you when you are old and gray…but you left too soon for that to happen!
It’s heart aching to delete your name from my MSN chat, send you a nudge whenever you reply too slowly, I still want to forward you funny emails and tell you my little secrets over our little chat sessions
Now that I send emails to you, they won’t be any more replies…

I know everything works according to the will of God
We all must go someday
It’s not up to us to tell when we should or should not go
You’re not in pain anymore, no more pill counting and Chemo sessions
You’re now singing praises with the angels, rejoicing that your cancer’s healed
I believe the day will come that we’ll reunite again
As for now, you shall remain - Forever in my heart.

I'll be missing you

~Your niece Shereen~

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Pinka said...

May Uncle Eric rest in peace.
Hope you will be able to cope well .

God Bless.