Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandmama

Celebrated granny's birthday this year at East Ocean Restaurant, Ipoh. Instead of the usual 9 course typical Chinese dinner, we had "Poon Choi" for a change. It's actually a big basin layered with chicken, duck, abalone, scallops and vegetables shared among the family. We're supposed to eat this dish layer by layer. I can only recall the top was layed with roast chicken and duck. I started to get a little confused what's hidden on the second layer onwards because....13 curious family members started to dig and trying to find out what's hidden underneath the basin ...."The Bak Kut Teh" style! kekeke....

This year was a busy year for grandma because she needs to smile and cut 3 birthday after another...
T-trail's mommy baked us a white chocolate, cream cheese with pistachio spongey cake (photo on your right)... How sweet of her!
The middle one was an organic carrot walnut raisin cake baked by the health freak L'abeille herself and decorated with love by L'abeille's personal cake deco designer.
The one of the left was also a carrot cake with cream cheese topping brought all the way from KL by 3rd auntie..
Happy Birthday Grandma!!

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