Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Mom & Dad came a week earlier to celebrate my birthday. *Sweet*
Eh, it seems like it was just yesterday I celebrated my birthday
How old am I? Well...late 20's lor ;)
Darling sista suggested Tony Roma's.

Protein and carbo overload! yummy...
*end up spending 2 hrs at the gym jumping like a mad monkey the very next day* kekeke

This is for the Birthday gurl.
Forget about the cheesecakes and mudpie... I had my annual dosage of Cadillac Top-Shelf Romarita (Margarita). I remembered asking for a SHAKEN and not a FROZEN cocktail !!! Anyway, it's ok...still taste as good but I had my brain freezed bcos I sucked too quickly....*hick*

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