Thursday, February 08, 2007

A story about my handsome Aveo and a F1 driver wannabe

*BANG* *Crash*.... That's all I heard in a split of a second at 17:25hrs on the 6.2.07.

As I rushed out of my office... I saw a blue Civic overturned lying next to my handsome blue Aveo. Oh my *tut....tuttttttttttttttttt...tut* there's a dent on my car. YES! My darling two months old Aveo for crying out loud! You say lar...heartache, sim-tiah, sakit hati or not??? !!! You must be wondering how did that happen. This Civic drove too fast, lost controlled, made a drift, and banged my Aveo and overturned!!

Argh.....Eh "Encik Kereta Terbalik", wanna drive fast fast, you don't drive around the light industrial area ok? First, you gotta get yourself a sporty car and next, you gotta drive at the SEPANG CIRCUIT....!!!" geramnya aku! Ahem...did I screw him? Nope, I did not....but that's what I was thinking of blabbing at that very moment....duh!

What happen after that was a long-g-g-g story and I've repeated my story over the MSN, telephone and all communication medias far too many times and I think my cheek looks abit slimmer now after talking too much for the past 2 days.

To cut the long story short, the adjuster arrived the very next day and now, repair work on my Aveo is in progress.

The Civic, driver escaped with only minor injuries...

My darling Aveo, driver's not in the car during the crash but suffering from serious heartache...

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