Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bluetooth - The ultimate "potential" hubby finder method?

*Warning: This is just a daily "eat full nothing to do" conversation between two adult ladies".*

I was chatting with a friend via the MSN and she was complaining why she's not able to find a companion. Eh...I am talking about a man har...not a DOG!!!!

L'abeille says: Whatabout the hardware store?

AMB says: They are all mostly married or about to get marry man trying to fix things in their homes.

L'abeille: True also hor... hehe...

Jeng jeng jeng....suddenly, I came out with a very silly high tech idea...

L'abeille says: Erm.....Ms AMB ar, if all other methods fail...why don't you go out to the crowded streets, activate your cell phone's blue tooth and start a search. In just a few seconds hor, a list of names will appear on your screen, scroll and search for decent macho "names", attach your photo and a phone number to the lenglui photo and send. Make sure you put your phone on silent mode just in case that man saw your photo and decided to give you a call. As soon as your phone starts to vibrate, look around you... if there's a man holding on to his cellphone looking a "first impression test" on him. If ok ler hor, pick up the call or just reject the call if you think he looks like "incredible hulk".

AMB says: Good Idea hahaha!!!

L'abeille: What are you waiting for? Goooooo gurl!!

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