Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fine settimana Italiana - Italian weekend

Did I go to Italy over the weekends? I WISH...! Gosh, that's my top 5 "must-visit" countries before I meet my Creator someday. A land full of passionate people. They give their best in everything they do...just look at their food, their fashion, their buildings.... the list goes on and on.... Hah!

I LOVE ITALY ...I didn't say Italians okey? That doesn't mean I need to marry that Italian hunk yey! L'amico spiacente, il mio cuore appartiene in Malesia (pardon my Italian..) well, at least at the moment lar unless my Malaysian born boyfriend plans to leave this place for good...keke...

Well, since I can't be there now, I might as well cook a two day Italian meal for my love ones right here in my very own kitchen on a rainy weekend...... nothing but the L'abeille way.......

Saturday - Pizza Fiesta Dinner for two

Iced organic green tea with a hint of lemon and sweeten with organic raw honey...

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it...
sweeten it with honey..after all, it's good for you

"Life is full of ups and downs....In order to be happy and in better control in life, a person needs to learn how to see things in a different prospective and at it's brighter side in times of grief and difficulty"

~L'abeille on Secret to Happiness~

L'abeille's extra crispy thin crust pizza (approx 30-32 cm)
(Crust made with extra virgin olive oil for the flavor, topped with all my dearie's favorite toppings)

Life is like a pan of pizza

The heavenly Father gave us life through our earthly parents...
All of us were born innocent, plain and bare like the base of a pizza
(comes in all shapes and sizes, thick and thin & different tones - but we're just a piece of empty dough waiting to be filled)

How to make it delicious and beautiful is all based on a big chunk of knowledge & common sense, unlimited quantity of love and a drizzle of creativity..

If whatever you've combined tasted awful or it's not up to your expectation, eat it (don't won't die eating) and try to improve on your next pan.

It's just a medley of different ingredients combined to create a masterpiece learned through experiences....

One should never ever give up trying

~L'abeille on Living A Positive Life~


Lasagna for a rainy Sunday brunch

Weight watcher's Lasagna

I had some left over pizza toppings the day before. Since I hate wasting food and never was my philosophy to lick my plate clean on a full stomach.... the very next day, I put all my leftovers in a pot, dazzle with more red wine (was it 1/4 of a bottle? I can't remember... *hick*), herbs and ring-a-ting-ting..... I've created a small loaf of lasagna with minimal cheese, no ricotta and minimal grease.

A savory meal ain't complete without a glass of Canadian Ice wine/Dessert wine...

...and a home made Tiramisu with Kahlua and a light dazzle of VSOP...

So, you're planning on a little picnic for the two of you over the weekends? A quiet anniversary for two without having to leave your home? A wedding proposal at the comfort of your home? Drop me an email, I can help you make your dreams come true... erm...NO I can't force her to say "I DO" but I can hide that diamond ring in her piece of cake but don't say L'abeille didn't warn you har... she might chocked or crushed her molars biting that big piece of "stone".........hehe... The chief's not in a very romantic mood today....SUE ME!

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