Thursday, June 07, 2007


Lately, I've been having frequent cramps on my calf and pain on both my knees. Oh ya...a little chest pain too. Do I sound like I'm 55 already? *cough..cough*

But because I can tolerate pain (plus being stubborn), I will usually delay my visit to the doctor until I can't take the suffering anymore :))

The doctor was shocked knowing that I'm doing 2 hrs of high impact exercises a day, 5 times a week. She send me off with a bag full of drugs...and a stern warning " either exercise one hour a day, 5 times a week OR 2 hrs a day, 3 times a week". I am bored at home ok? If I don't go to the gym, I'll start talking to the wall...

So being a stubborn me, exercise is no longer something that I want to do to keep me healthy but I was actually addicted to the routine...Sekali I hear Akon singing "Smack That" on the radio, I'll start moving my hips, shaking my booty and tapping my feet automatically! HOW TO STOP DANCING LEH????

Of course X-Trail (my equally stubborn darling..hehe) tried his very best to stop me from abusing my knees..! ..calling me during "gym hours" to check if I'm actually picking up calls. Should I bring my cellphone to the studio tomorrow? *evil laughter*

"Ok, I'll try to cut down the number of hours spent at the gym", I said to myself

But the minute I hit the gym, I continue from one class to another..Sigh...

During these two weeks, strange and phenomenal incidents happened which stops me from doing my usual routine. First, there's a complete blackout at the shopping mall last week, the gym was also affected, no air con=no workout for me. (It's THE day after my doctor visit and I shouldn't be at the gym because I was still on medication).

Today, I missed another session of high impact dancing just because I told X-Trail over the phone that I'm having a mild chest discomfort. No..he didn't stop me from going but this is what happened....

It took me 15 minutes to arrive at the gym today, ()*#$(#) the jam! So, by the time I found my blue cutie compact a parking space, I was left with 5 minutes to walk up the gym, change and enter the dance studio. CLASS starts at 6pm. After removing all my clothes, I realised that I left my shoes in the car. OH well, no big deal lar...I changed to my gym attire, wear my heels and run downstairs to get it from the car. Guess what? By the time I reached the parking lot..I realised that I was holding my locker key instead of (#*$)#( car key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's already 6:05pm... *Sweat*

So how? If I were to walk upstairs to open up my locker for the car key, it will take another 5 minutes. Walk down the car park will take another 5 minutes... wear socks and shoes will take another 1 minute. Walk up to the gym will take another 5 minutes..arghhhhh crap! In fact, I was already sweating like mad. I gave up! I took a slow walk up the gym, remove all my stuff from the locker and call it a day.

Well, do you think I'm going home and just take a shower and sleep? No way...I washed the car, did a little bit of gardening, cook myself a very tedious and tiring organic meal for one (that's rare!), mopped the flour and nearly bath the dog (but my bitch gave me the "warning-don't touch me" look, so I decided not to touch her!).

I'll try going to the gym again tomorrow! So today I missed an hour of dancing, so tomorrow I'm allowed to dance for two hours............. Right????

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