Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things I like

Can you imagine... I've was reminded by Judy that I've an incomplete tag dated 13th FEB 2007. *hic* That was like 6 months ago.. ahem...where was I? haha...'s are the things I like......

  1. I like dancing! A few of my favourite moves are namely Latin Salsa, Belly dancing and Hip hop. Initially, I started off dancing for fitness purposes. After dropping 17 kgs, dancing has become part of my lifestyle.

  2. I like to cook and I tend to be a little too adventurest at times! X-T will have to be my "guinea pig food tester" most of the time. Pity eh? Because of my passion, L'abeille-the weekend caterer came along. But I'm feeling a little up set because I'm not able to take up orders during weekends as I'm working from Mon-Fri.

  3. I like to travel. It doesn't matter if it's within Malaysia or overseas. I made a point to have a little vacation at least once or twice a year while I'm still young ;) and single... who knows, when I've my own kids in the future, they'll be loads of restrictions for me to move around the globe FREELY as and when I like. First they'll have their mid year exams lar, after that mid year exam, kiddo needs to finish that piano exam the time they finish both practical and theory exam for that year... comes the big year end examinations....Sigh...sounds never ending eh?! My dear blogging parents with growing up agree boh agree?

  4. I like to laze around at home. To be more specific, I like my bed! Thought at times, my shopaholic devil in me will start to itch and in order to "cleanse this inner urge"...I still need to treat myself to a little retail therapy session...afterall, HELLO! I'm still a woman................... BUT THAT itch don't really happen much. I prefer lying on my bed with a thick warm comforter during the weekends, with the air con ON at 16 degrees...of course! Gosh, talking about it makes me yawn now and it's only WEDNESDAY....

  5. I like COFFEE. All I need is just ONE cup to give me a morning kick start. Without my morning cuppa, hell will break loose, thunder will roar, heaven will start to shake, stars will drop from the sky, the sun rises in the west for the very first time... is THAT SERIOUS!

I'm not tagging anybody on this topic...

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