Tuesday, August 07, 2007

From a Race Track to a Morgue

Ever been to a stock broker's office before? Well, I've been to one. And it sounded like being in a racetrack - for horse racing, that is. The many shouts of jubilation, smart-guru-like remarks and curses somehow seems more suited for a horse racetrack than a broker's office. That was a few weeks ago.

Today, no such thing. Faces were somber and the office was strangely quiet. It felt like being in a funeral service. Yes, the atmosphere is almost similar to being in a morgue. Perhaps, in a way, it was. Stock market pullbacks had been known to wipe people out. One could almost smell the many singed and roasted fingers, hands and feet over there.

From the look on their faces, I pondered on who were the casualties. And I pondered if they can get back on their feet again. However, one thing I do not need to ponder, the thing I'm very sure about, is that sooner or later, though faces may be different, this place would sound like a racetrack again.

p.s. My office is just next to this broker house - I hazard a visit during lunch hours once a while.

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