Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting married isn't that tedious afterall!

Well, the statement is true only if the couple knows what they really want!

Because every couple what's their wedding to be special and a unique one. There are 101 things to look into and it's actually...hah! quite tedious especially when you're short of time to plan things. Most couples need to work from Monday to Friday and what's left is only the weekends and gosh, how much can you achieve in 48 hours? Look.. there are the wedding theme to think of, the wine list, the guest, the food served, the gifts, the gowns. See? the list can go on and on..

With Little Things Wedding Flavor, couples can agree with me that getting married is just a piece of cake. It is like a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. Choose from a variety of wedding theme. Do you know that they have door gifts as low as 99cents each!

So why are you still cracking your head with all the unnecessary stress? Go check out what wedding favors has to offer.

Oh ya, before I go, I MUST tell you another good news! They're offering 10% off purchases of 50.00 or more with coupon code: grandopening

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