Thursday, August 02, 2007

USD6.30 slipped through my fingertips!

For those who doesn't know what crap I'm talking about hor...let me explain before I start ranting. Every night, around 11-12 midnight, I'll be sitting in front of my PC clicking the "Qualified Opportunity" button hopefully there's some advertisements/opportunities/product reviews available for me to write via PayPerPost. But my fingers need to be quick lah, my Internet connection need to be fast in order to grab those opportunities. Opportunities highlighted in white means, it's available for grabs, bars that are highlighted in grey means those opportunities were taken/reserved.

So, as usual...I sat in front of my PC hopefully there's some opportunities for me to catch tonight. Lo and behold... an interesting topic appears.

"For women bloggers to write about relationships-

Opportunity Description:
We need females bloggers to write their thoughts and opinion about their past and present relationships. You can write about your family, husband, boyfriend... Pick any topic you want. Just tell us what you expect from men and point to our website which gives relationship advices."


Unfortunately, it's greyed! This post was all taken/reserved in seconds! Sigh, I know most of you USD6.30 is just chicken sh*t but this topic is so interesting, they only require 50 words ONLY??... Cheh.... talking about my past relationship?? ..........I think I can write up to 5,000 words even if it's for FREEEEEEEEEE!

*That's it...I'm calling it a day......G'nite all........Plurffffffffftttt*

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Judy Chow said...

Come tell us what you want to rant on this topic...since you can do it for free..waiting lehh..