Thursday, September 13, 2007

Am I Hyperactive or what?!

The Tender Years of L'abeille

I was required to clean my grandparent's house every Saturday with the help of my mom at the age of 6. Two of us, an estimated 4,000 sq. ft. build up double storey home, 5 huge bedrooms with hundreds of window panes, a porch area that can fit 8 cars, 2 huge bathrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 kitchens and 1 dining area that can easily fit 20 pax! Don't worry my friends, I wasn't abused by my mom. I think she's preparing me to be a yellow face woman she wants her daughter to be independent and to be able to take care of herself in the future.

L'abeille @ Pre Teen

Soon, mom was required to help dad at his work place. I was left at home at the age of 13. I was required to prepare dinner for the family, handwash family laundries as we don't have a washing machine at that time. Most days, I'll call my mom at her office to get some cooking tips! The family will have to endure my kitchen mishaps overly creative ideas like serving raw eggs in baked beans or Salty Kailan with extremely burned garlic as garnishing! So what I did during my free time? Story books, tuitions and piano lessons filled up most of my free time. They do not allow me to go for late night parties, Cinderella must reach home at 12midnight, L'abeille MUST reach home by 10:30pm sharp!

L'abeille as a teenager

At the age of 18, right after Form 5, the kampung girl [me lah!] travelled 2.5 hrs away from Ipoh to further her studies in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Stayed in a rented house with 4 other ladies. Looking at all my other friends who's struggling between studies and housework, I begin to appreciate the skills my mom thought me at home all these years. Doing my laundry and making myself or the housemates a meal wasn't a difficult chore at all.

L'abeille today !

You see hor, I hate hate hate the fact that I've got nothing to do. I wonder was it the way I was brought up or I'm just too hyperactive! My 9-5 job is not tiring physically but mentally stressful. So, my way of letting it all out is to go to the gym and dance like there's no tomorrow. After the tiring gym session, I'll start doing my laundry, groom Sandy, make dinner and my list of chores could go on and on until way past midnight and that's where I'll start to get busy with my blog and kaypohchi-ying other blogger's blog. I hardly sleeps. Waking up very early on Saturdays, goes marketing, makes breakfast, goes facial, go massages, SHOPPING, BAKES, COOKS, BLOG, TRAVEL, FAMILY VISITS and yet I've so much energy left at the end of the day. I'll feel restless whenever I've got nothing to do.... Maybe it's because I am afraid that I'll not be able to do the things I want to do now later in life? Why..oh why? Oh well..I don't even have the answers to my own question! doh!

X-T told me he's going for badminton sessions every Saturday begining next week. Since "Mr bachelor" wakes up late in the morning and is currently staying with his family, we will only see each other in the evenings. Guess what? I'm already planning the list of things I'll do during his absence.

I was quietly thinking and rub rub fingers with glee... Weeeee!

"How about making an extremely tedious dinner which requires a full day of preparation for us after his badminton session? How about catching up with other bloggers in my list for a cuppa coffee? Bake more cookies? More cakes? How about spending more time at the gym?, Eh, where got sale le?"

But X-T was trying to be funny and wakes me up from my day dreaming session by mentioning the word "KIDS"! "Dear.. what if I give you a kid" and he repeated twice with a mischievous smile!

A Child?!? Can these little homosepians cure boredom and my hyperactive behaviour eh? Right now, I can only ponder....


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yes!Yes! Haveing a kid will definitely cure ur boredom! Of course the process of having kid already cure ur boredom & made u very tired! After that ur will kid will give u endless 'job' to do! But I can say that having ur own kids is worth ever moment of ur life! Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Wei wei wei...Hor ny! Nice to see you bouncing back to me again.

Making them = FUN = Cure boredom = endless task = Less time to be alone = Need more money, therefore work hider= Tiring = Kids giving us stress

Wah...instead of killing boredom..soon end up getting stressed jor *pengsan* ;p