Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kampung Kacang Putih, Ipoh

I just came back from a "fruitful" trip back to my hometown-Ipoh [a land surrounded by mountains and full of beautiful girls, ugly ones just like me migrated to Kuala Lumpur for good]

If you love murukku or "Kacang Putih", remember to drop by at Kampung Kacang Putih during your next visit to this small town. The minute you arrive at this village,the aroma of Indian spices and freshly fried murukku will fill the air because basically every household there makes and sell these goodies at their own homes.

Here are some photos taken at one of the village homes cum murukku factory.

A home converted into a murukku factory.

We bought from this house because the appearance of the house looks clean.

The living room was converted into a kitchen.
Here's a photo of the murukku fryer.
Psst...I've checked the oil, it's clean hehe

The lady boss was packing the goodies I requested.

They've rows and rows of gigantic packets for small business and exports...

To small little ones for snacking-monsters like me..

Alrighty, my murukku's ready to go.
Everybody in the office who's reading this...
you'll get a pack each tomorrow ;)


PEARLY said...

WOW , you are IPOH gurl too ka I am IPOH gurl once la now I am a dutch and english old lady now ahhha.

I don't kow there a shop there thank for the tipssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said... much murukku!!! I love spicy hot ones ah..shucks..drooling liao..

L'abeille said...

Pearly: Get some when you return to Malaysia

Sue: Drooling leh..hehe quick, make a trip to Ipoh when your're in Malaysia.

joy said...

Those things remind me of the time I visited Surabaya, Indonesia! I loved my visit and I hope to visit Malaysia sometime soon, too.

Your Love Coach

Michelle said...

WOW. Didn't know you can buy so much... looks so yummy

L'abeille said...

Joy: Hi, nice to meet you. Yes, please come visit M'sia someday, do contact me when you're around town :)

Michelle: It's a yummy vegetarian treat, you should get some for yourself when you visit Malaysia :)