Friday, September 28, 2007

Let love leads the way....

Many many months ago......

It was just a couple of weeks after I was being betrayed by a trusted doofus man of 12 years, Adrian messaged me via msn chat very late one stormy night. Our conversation usually starts with a simple "Hello" and "How was your day" but well, that particular night, he broke down with a tearful cry. He told me that he was betrayed by his wife-to-be and he was confused, hurt and torn apart. That very moment, I just couldn't control my tears. I could almost feel the deep cut in his heart as mine was not even healed back then. I remember chatting with him till wee hours in the morning, he was telling me how his dreams were badly shattered by the unfaithful someone.

I remembered we were encouraging each other to move on and never to look back. After all, we should be thankful our betraying partners revealed themselves to us now. These people do not deserve a place in our hearts. Soon after, we were so busy with our daily work and routine, we hardly talk to each other anymore. I continue hating man and throwing virtual axes at every man who even dare to sweet talk me muahahaha and Adrian was drowning himself with his work and all his oversea business trips!

Many Many Months later.........

Adrian messaged me again today and guess what? He found his "sunshine" wor! I tell you, I heard plenty of similar stories out there, people who were being betrayed like us. Some became 'virtual nuns and monks' [well, ask X-T, I almost became one myself!], some turned into cheap bi-tch and start seducing man at their workplace, some jump off buildings, some drink pesticides but we thank God we were strong enough to walk out of our past hurts and became stronger.

Today, Adrian is so happy that he'd found his special someone. Someone so different, someone so sweet and understanding, someone every man would like to bring her back to meet the parents. Aiyor, the way he described her... I think she sounds more like an angel to me...truly, she looks like one too!

We've learned to let go, move on, open up ourselves and begin to allow our hearts to lead the way, miracles do happen!

It's all about the timing. Nothing is coincidental. Things happen for a reason.

Oui Adrian, our partners were truly God sent and we found someone better didn't we? ;) hehehe

Adrian & Nickie

I wish both of you the very best in all your future plans together
May your days filled with love as sweet as candy! hehe

X-T & L'abeille


Michelle said...

It must be such a horrible feeling to be betrayed! Bet it is definately a depressing period to go through..
Wishing Adrian & Nicki happiness always..
By the way, I will be writting on your tag soon.xxxxxxx Love your blog.. :)

PEARLY said...

I wish the 2 of them have eve after and eve lasting LOVE

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I am most happy that the two of u have happy ending!! BTW I have don't ur tag! Oh no wander my site got a lot of poke at night! Have a nice day!

LcF said...

Congrats to your friend. Wish I find my "sunshine" soon too :)

L'abeille said...


Yes, it was but I'm also glad I picked myself up with the help of God, family and friends. Actually hehee...we need to thank our betraying exes- or else, we won't meet our better someone today.


L'abeille said...

Pearly and Hor-ny,

I see both of them smiling in the photo, I can cry buckets because I'm too happy for them. Hor-ny please pass me the tissue, Pearly, still got cake for me? :p

Ham Pau mang,

L'abeille said...

Hello CF Liew,

Glad to see you dropping by.

You will surely find your Sunshine geh ;) I saw your picture posted on 5xmom's blog hor, I told myself..."Sigh ... don't say Sunshine lar...the moon, the stars and even rainbow will be queing for a man like you" ;)

All the best...


Sammi said...

To L'abeille, Adrian & Nicki,
Yes, one cannot be defected so easily. Moreover we have God with us who will guide us thru sadness, depressing and difficult hours. What we need to do is just walking on right path and doing right things. I am glad because I see a totally changed L'abille and obviously she use her experience to console and guide someone like herfaced before. It remind me every difficulties we went thru would become blessing and support to someone some day......

keeyit said...

Being betrayed by the people who once belongs to you can really break our heart.

Wish them have eve lasting love !

L'abeille said...

Sammi: Thank you very much for your encouragements! X-T & I appreciates your kindness

L'abeille said...

Hi Keeyit: Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, we're now like a group of cheer leader team to the two love birds hehehe...

Nora said...

Just bloghopped. Nice post. Yeah, sometimes we have to go thru many many break ups, and painful ones at that, just to get to the one who truly deserves us vice versa. And I think its well worth all those heartaches!! :)) Best Wishes to Adrian & Nicki on their new found love.

winniethepooh said...

I agree with you l'abeille that things happen for a reason :)

wishing Adrian & Nicki, (of course X-T & you too) lots of happiness, sunshine, moonlight, starlight.. as you all travel further on your life journey, always learning, always loving.


L'abeille said...

Hi Nora: Nice to meet you :).

Hi Winniethepooh:Terima Kasih banyak banyak :)

Helen said...

All the best to your friends! They do look together hor? :-)

It's always sad to be betrayed by someone you love. The important thing is hopefully the person will be strong enough to stand up and try again. :-)Finding the special someone is like striking lottery. Not everyone is lucky enough to strike it at the first try. :-)

L'abeille said...

Hi Helen,

Ya, they look very "chan".

Eh you know what? Last time I thought striking lottery is even easier than having our partners committing adultery.. So naive! hehe said...

well, I really don't know what to say... except "WELL SAID" to Shereen!

To start off with, I'm really not used to the sudden "limelight" that both of us are getting. haha. :-) Basically, both of us were moved & touched by all your kind thoughts. I shall not drill deep & wide into those mushy stuffs about my dearest Nickie, as I've said to Shereen(aka L'abeille),knowing that it will "bore" you all to the bone & it'll probably sounds like the grammy award speech. haha.

I somehow feel that my new-found love is a true blessing. Just as Shereen have blogged down earlier that everything happens for a reason. Both Nickie & I just couldn't agree more to that! Period!

Likewise, I'm also happy for both Shereen & X-T & I'd also like to wish both of them & of coz all of you well & happy always!

~*Adrian & Nickie*~