Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A stress-free Christmas shopping

It was just like yesterday I was galloping from one departmental store to another trying to hunt for the best gift for my love ones. Christmas is a time of giving, I just can't simply pick a chocolate at a nearby convenient store right? Oh the hassle of last minute Christmas shopping, the traffic, the crowd and not forgetting the price hike! I'm not sure about you guys but when I'm stressed, I can't pick a proper gift!

This year, I will be more organized. I know it's a little too early to plan the gifts now but hey, I've learn my lesson well. Never to be a last minute shopper like how I did last year.

I've split them into 3 general categories:-

  1. For all the gents at home

  2. For all the ladies at home

  3. All the kids

Kmart is offering 70% off on their fine jewelleries and 40% off on Sterling silver.

Look what I've found? Four pairs of seashore gold stud earrings at $56.99? The normal price for these are at $189.99 and I'm getting a total savings of $133. That's a lot of savings! Its valid through 8/9/2007 I think I better hurry up with my transactions using Coupon Chief to grab a couple of these before I run out of time. So, all the gifts for the ladies accomplished.

Seashore gold stud earrings in a set for all the wonderful woman in my life

As for all the man at home I believe a bag of tools would be a good idea. I found these at Ace Hardware.

Ace® 17 Piece Tool Bag for all the handyman at home

For the kids, of course it's going to be toys from

Don't be a last minute Christmas shopper. Hurry up and log on to Coupon Chief to get some great discounts now. Have you ever heard of "Early Birds Gets the Worm?" ;)

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