Monday, September 10, 2007

A working mom's guilt!

One fine afternoon, one of my "many" aunts told me that she's tired of the corporate world. She felt that somehow, she'd neglected her growing up kids at home. To all working moms out there, do you felt the same thing too? One of my colleague is leaving our company by end of this year after the birth of her second child.

Well, I'm not in a position to give advise to a working mom yet because I've no experience of bringing up kids and family but hey, I hope this little poem helps to cheer you up! ;)

My dear aunty Leng,
Why sweat over working?
Come back at 7 the next morning?
You got to be kidding!
Financially if uncle is supporting,
You can already consider quiting,
Can spend more time with the kids at home who's longing for more hugging.
But before you consider quiting,
You need to carefully think,
How will you spend your days doing nothing?
With your active lifestyle, how can you sit at home eye blink-blink?
As you've asked...Of course Life is NOT all about working,working and working
But our brains and muscles MUST KEEP moving,
Or else my the age of 60 something,
What muscle's left? Only our eye balls are moving!
Maybe you can consider catering?
Or learn a little baking?
How about blogging?
I believe full time housewife can be quite BUSY and interesting!
If don't want to consider catering,
If baking is not your cup of Kopi-ping
Why not try making more siblings
Since your two daughters are so loving!

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