Thursday, October 11, 2007

A complete makeover!

Howdy All!

X-T and I are currently enjoying our new blog. The skies over there is definitely blue-er and the blogging environment there seems to be more erm.....romantic hah! We were playing with the buttons and new functions, moving things around the blog, checking on the functions available and trying to understand all the HTML jargon over at but somehow, I felt something amiss. "I miss my old blog", I told X-T.

Soon after discussing with X-T, we did a little survey with other bloggies and some of our visitors. Finally, we've made up our minds to turn this blog into a foodie blog.. Ahaha!..Is if the blogmosphere is not enough of such blogs eh?! :p

From today onwards, all food related articles will stay here at while all other craps topics will be at

Ladies & Gentleman, We hereby present to you the all new It's all about Da Food! A journal dedicated to L'abeille's little kitchen adventures, X-T's too if there's any!, Health enriching products, diet plans and eatery reviews....

X-T & L'abeille


PEARLY said...

wow so much changing huh only 10 days I away from you ....
anyway is very fun to read all you post , will be back for more post of your xxxxx

L'abeille said...

Hi Pearly,

Glad to see you back!


Des said...

wah food ...exactly what i like to indulge ,hehe

good to herat that u decided to have two blogs...keeps me occupied reading more blogs..