Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dad turning bedroom into home cinema

That's what my mom told be yesterday over the phone. My dad loves his tit bits and TV. After a hard day at work, he will be resting in his massage chair in his room in front of the TV. He will bring peanuts, cookies and everything he fancies into the bedroom. After his movie sessions, cookie jars were all over the dressing table, some next to his massage chair and sweet containers on bookshelves. Not because he's messy but it's because he does not a proper storage compartment for all his tit bits. Mom thinks we should get him a utility cart so that he can keep all his goodies in one place neatly. Besides, he'll be able to push the cart right next to his chair conveniently. :)


Maverick SM said...

Utility cart is a good idea. I do that too. Your dad has a supporter.

L'abeille said...

Hi Maverick,

Thanks for visiting... haha..ya going to get his a cart real soon.