Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Money Magic Morgages

You've been hunting for your dream home. You were basically driving around town and reading the classified section in the daily newspaper line by line everyday just to hunt for the best house with the best deal. After months of price comparison, you've finally found yourself the ideal home for the family. If you think your stress is over? THINK again...

To me, the stress has just begun. I'm not talking about the interior design of your home or the renovation you're about to perform. I'm actually talking about the morgage you're about to take. Every financial institution you walked in will tell you they are able to offer you the best deal but honestly, how do we know which one is really giving us the best? I believe before we make the decision, an independent professional Mortgages advisor could come in handy to guide us in making the right decision before signing the dotted lines.

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