Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Salt & Pepper Shaker to suit my mood!

X-T thinks that I'm turning my kitchen into gallery. Why? Well, it's because I love my kitchen appliances and utensils and I've lots of them haha! I've a bowls for consume soup, for creamy soups and stews. I've plates for Chinese dishes, steaks and even theme plates for festive seasons throughout the year. Lately, I started to collect salt shakers. ;p

Unique designs!

I think these cute salt & pepper shakers will be a great piece art on our dining table to suit different occasions and mood.. What to you think?


Des said...

oh gawd!
dun ever let my mom see those salt shakers...or else she will definitely get all of them!

u're one of a kind collector too!
the salt shakers are so special!

Helen said...

Definitely. Looks so cute. :-)

I'm trying hard to resist cute things... at my age, I should aim for sophistication. :-P

No luck though. Will probably buy if I see those..:-P

L'abeille said...

des: don't give your mom my blog address lor, so she won't know there's such cute collection hehe

helen: At what 'age' we need to aim at more sophisticated stuff eh? :p

PEARLY said...

Oh yes , agree with you I love it too , use to collent them untill derek say my whole kitcher is a mess I give up haha.
so lovely and cute I like the pig on weigh

L'abeille said...

Pearly: Man are sometimes too practical haha