Thursday, October 04, 2007

Top 6 questions I answered over and over again...

Judy's tag is getting tougher and tougher to answer lately. But a promise is a promise. I need to fulfill the task and here goes the 6 toughest and repetitive questions people has been asking me and I am here to answer all your questions once and for all ;)

The truth can be hurtful to the ears...Can you handle the real truth?
IF you can't, please click here.
If you may continue reading...hehe

"Lei Gei si kit fun jek? [When are you getting married?]
Why so kan cheong? If you're paying for our wedding, let us know...!!

Shhhhhhh...... Whispering to your ears........
*Close your eyes, clear your mind from all evil thoughts, listen to your inner voice...if you hear voices telling you my wedding date, let me know...ok?
* Sigh, when the time'll know lor....haiya!

Questions like these will go on and on... To those who're not married, people ask when are they are getting attached. When they get married, people ask when they'll start a family. When they finally have a baby, they'll ask when they'll have the second one..and the 3rd and the 4th. If it's a boy, when are you going to have a girl, if it's a girl..when are you going to try for a boy.. Beelibaala.. beelibaala....bla bla bla! Blekkkkkk!

Strangers/blog readers asking how about a dinner date or a movie? How about a cup of coffee?
I'm scared! Why? Because when you ask me out and you said it's just a casual chat over a cup of coffee, I request to bring X-T along and you said "CANNOT". I am scared of

I see you always cook western dishes in your blog? Why? You're not Chinese or your partner is not Asian?
I'm a Chinese lah! X-T too.
I changed my lifestyle and the home cook food I ate ever since I started dieting two years ago works. The simple western/fusion dishes works for me and I've lost weight ever since I started eating more vege, more protein and less starch a.k.a rice, bread and noodles.

Wah you very rich have a day job, you bake and do part time catering. You invested a mini amount in your parent's company and now you even blog for money. So, how much do you earn per month?
Oui! Sorry! I can only tell X-T! Shoooooo...shoooo....

How did you manage so many things/jobs?
Don't sleep. Well, everybody is given 24 hours a day. As long as you manage your time well, I believe you can achieve alot!

Miss, do you want to apply for this credit card, how about having us reviewing upgrading your insurance premium?
Please.. when I say "NO" to whatever you're selling, please accept and leave the poor girl alone. Everybody who knows me well KNOWS that I don't buy into special offers and buy-one-free-ten promos. If I want something, I'll go for it. I might even call and hunt you down for product details if I'm interesting to buy. So, please... when a girl say "NO"...sometimes...she really mean it...haha

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twosuperheroes said...

haha..l'abeille, I really found what you answered for the marriage question to be very very funny! Really gt a dry sense of humour eh u.. :)

L'abeille said...

I'm glad I made you laugh!

Sigh... pity my ears hearing all these conversations about who's pregnant, who can't get herself pregnant, who isn't getting married and she's getting OLD topics.

Oh crap..the next CNY is coming soon.. duh! Another round of Q&A session coming up in a few months time! *reminding myself to buy ear plugs and print out today's tag to be distributed among family and friends during CNY house visits!* hehe

Helen said...

hahahaa When you're dating, ppl will surely ask when's the big day. I know, must be sien. lol

L'abeille said...


3M ear plugs quite good one hor? ahem...

Philip Pang said...

ehy, you getting married ar? hahah.. Or, are u married? hahahaha..

blur le..

L'abeille said...


I think this should me my 7th question in the list.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

If I am in KL can ask u to go out kah??? Don't worry u can bring XT along but not camera please as I am a very very shy! He! He! So tomorrow u got to TGIF??? Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Hor ny,

I didn't know orang utans are allowed to wonder around the city!

Anyway, if you do happen to drop by KL, notify us. It's been quite a while since we last saw an orang utan.. ngek ngek

TGIF? Result pun belum keluar lagi..end of this month mar..

winniethepooh said...

oh yeah i relate closely to ur first question, just y do people have to be so curious. When we do whatever that is (getting married/hving bb), u will know lor(coz there will be alot of "8 aunty" telling no need me say oso) :P

asking people how much they earn is oso something i dont think its polite to do, as if after asking u get a profit sharing or what? hahaha

and that last question..u got it there gal, NO means NO..dun step on my tail, i'll show u a face blacker than the mopping cloth! :P

thanks for sharing, had a good laugh!