Friday, November 09, 2007

Bettercaring for myself

I know I'm a little to young to discuss about this topic but please allow me because I think it's important for us to plan for our future. Deep down everybody's heart, we desire a happy family. Maybe a child or two if God permits and as we grow old and grey, we've our grandchildren and and love ones with us throughout our golden years. At least, that's what I want my folks at home to enjoy! It's God's commandment that we should never abundant our parents.

But have you ever thought what will happen if we do not have anybody to depend on when we grow old? Well, as an independent me, I think it's not a problem for me to pack my bags and enrolling myself into a nursing home. At least I've a friends there where I can mix around with and we can share "grandmother stories" night and day...ahaha.. Who knows, I might find someone inside whom will share common interest with me? I believe if there's nobody else to turn to in the future, this is definitely the best way for me to spend the rest of my golden years.


PEARLY said...

I wouldn't want to stay in UK nursing home that for sure after I had work in one of the dam expensive one cost £1,000 a week to stay but those nurse treat you like a peace of shit ... I work there for 3 years .. I am more depress then any bady cos I come home and cry for those old ppl there are so sad all very rich but no kids come and visit them and those nurse some very bitch and bully them , once I walk into one she asking for breakfast I feed her she so weak , I can't stop crying until I finish feeding her . when I went back home , I cry the whole night thinking of the poor lady . I say to derek look .. have kids la end up like all those poor old ppl stuck in the nursing home,, no one come to vist and each day only look at the window wish the kids or grand kids show up .so sad honetly so so sad ......

L'abeille said...

Hi Pearly,

That's why we as adults need to show good examples to our kids. As we respect and love our own old folks, they learn from us. Truly, if you ask me personally, I'll not want my parents to end up in any nursing homes..

You have a nice weekend, dear.