Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Claypot miso soup

It was rainy and it was so windy and cooling last weekend. XT was washing his car while I sat infront of my favourite Channel#703 hugging my 'thinking pillow', trying to get some inspiration on what to cook for dinner the whole afternoon. Both of us were bored of restaurant food and takeaways after the vacation. We wanted a warm dinner yet we don't want anything greasy. Soon, X-T finished washing his car and I STILL don't know what to cook for dinner! Errr...I must come up with 'dinner' as soon as XT finishes his shower because we're supposed to return to the hospital soon.. *panicked*

Chop up Chinese Cabbage, sliced up some carrots and mushrooms

Cubed a block of Japanese tofu and some chicken fillets

Miso paste

Measure two bowls of water into the claypot. Add in miso. As soon as the miso paste was desolved, add in Chinese cabbage and carrots. Boil until semi soft. Add in cubed chicken. Taste the soup. If it's not salty enough, add in more miso paste. This recipe do not require salt as the paste is salty enough. Add in cubed tofu and sprinkle some seaweed before serving.

Here goes our lazy weekend warm soupy dinner ;)

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Sammi said...

This one look simple a bit, ok lah, let me try this.