Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cuttlefish with a squeeze of lime

The minute sister saw packets of "Ken Ken" cuttle fish at our local grocers, she gave me a cheeky smile and grabbed a few packets into our cart. During those days when we were little girls, we do not have many varieties of snacks or you modern moms labeled these treats as "Junk food". We love to starve save up some coins so that we can buy these 'forbidden' snack from our school canteen behind mommy's back! ngek ngek...

Ken Ken cuttlefish changed their packaging

Cuttlefish soaked in lime juice *slurps*

When nobody's watching, we'll pluck mom's lime from her garden and usually we harvest the entire plant (ripe and unripe ones!). Squeeze them onto our packet of cuttlefish and enjoy behind close doors. Mom used to wonder where has all her lime gone. There's no sign of caterpillars chewing on the leaves but the fruits vanishes on its own..hehe. Luckily my grandma who was 'once a strong believer' didn't call in a Priest to cast garden demons hehehe.. ;) "Sorry ma, it's the girls!"

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