Thursday, November 22, 2007

Decide what you want first before considering what they can offer you!

Nowadays, there are so many insurance companies out there offering so many policies. Instead of letting you decide which policy suits your individual needs, your 'potential' agents will come to you offering all sorts of policies he or she thinks you must have. Oh well, they will tell you how guilty they'll be if you do not sign the papers now. After an hour of talking over 3 cups of coffee and if you still don't sign the papers, they'll tell you some plus points of purchasing a policy with them. For example, they'll tell about 'life insurance no exam' and the insurance will even cover the house loan and household bills in the event that you're unable to pay anymore. Well, to me.. all insurance are the same. Before you sign the dotted lines, make sure you ask yourself what policy you want rather than listening to the agent's suggestions.

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