Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How about a $100 loan?

The recent price hike is affecting your monthly household expenses. Your kids are crying for milk every alternate hour. You fridge is empty and there's no food on the table for the last 3 days. You have unpaid bills and you will not be receiving your next pay cheque until the end of this month. You looked at the calender and it's only the first week of the month and you're broke! Ok, I sound a little dramatic in this scenario but hey, what if you really need emergency money and the amount you need is just as little as $100 just to stock up the fridge until the end of the month?

Oh, don't try to be funny! Try walking into any banks and ask for a $100 loan and the loan officers might think you're nuts. Well, I've great news for you. Have you heard of Payday Loans. You can apply for loans as little as $100 up to $1500. Quick, the kids are hungry, get your loans approved within minutes and head on to the hypermarket's food department..will ya?!

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