Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How about blogging for money?

I thought my friends were joking when they encourages me to blog for money. They told me that Smorty allows me to give honest reviews on products and services through my blog. Just add the anchor text provided by the sponsors and get paid weekly, they added. I was thinking to myself.."It's too good to be true". How can writing a blog generates income?

Well, since there's nothing to lose, I tried submitting my humble little blog for Smorty's approval. A few days later, I received an email from Smorty informing that my blog was approved and from that day onwards, blogging has been the same again. I begin to receive interesting topics and products from the sponsors for review. My sponsored post was approved within days. Now here's the most interesting part of all, the cash in my Paypal account is growing! Funds has been coming in on a weekly basis and soon.

So, my dear bloggers, don't just write for fun, try blogging for money and you'll never regret your decision made today.

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