Friday, November 09, 2007

The main attractions in Taiwan - Street food

Well, apart from enjoying Taiwan's signature dish, shopping, shopping and shopping. It seems that everybody in our group enjoys one common activity that is to EAT!! *Scary* In fact, before my departure day, family and friends kept updating me on what's good to eat and what's not. The location of restaurants, the proper way to pronounce the name of the "die die also must eat" dish in Chinese. I tell you, it took me a lot of work memorizing those names. In fact, I printed the list of food on a piece of A4 paper! Anyway, I failed to accomplish 10% of the list during my 5 days trip because the truth is...L'abeille never gets hungry every time she sees clothings, shoes..clothings and more CLOTHINGS..Buahahahaahaha... *evil grin*

Anyway, here are the food street food I encountered and tasted during my 'short shopping breaks' ;)

Yam balls from Chiu Fern, Taiwan

Yummy fruit juices @ the night market

Taiwanese love their balls...err...I mean MEAT BALLS!
They're sold everywhere...

No doubt I am a fan of strawberries but I've to say no to these sugar coated lollies..*eeeeks*

Greens! Guess this is the only dish I love and ordered over and over again throughout the 5 days tour.

Fried Carrot Cake with sweet sauce

Savory cakes

Fried Oyster
*Give me Penang and Malacca's Fried Oyster ANYTIME but definitely not those from Taiwan, it's too starchy!*

Taiwan Tea Eggs

Potato chips on sticks

They just love 'em longggggg... I mean tall!

Long.. juicy.. Taiwan sausages...


BBQ mushrooms

I shall be back with more foodie photos soon... *Burp*


PEARLY said...

holy .... food >>>.wowwww a lot I also don't wat is it ... realy very kampong la me hhahaha.
ook at those food you must have enjoy it lot plus have lot of extra back too ..... I mean ... cloth and shoe and bag ... the next tiem if I go taiwan you will be the one I will call up heheheh.

twosuperheroes said... many types of food uh...(*drools....)
Hehe..aiyak..but I guess a lot also Superhero W cannot makan la! :p