Saturday, November 24, 2007

Organic Vegetarian Gyoza

Remember some time ago I wrote a review about this organic shop? I discovered something really really nice at their restaurant.


MYR1 each and there's 15 pieces in a box. The skin is made of wheat flour.
Steam these raw gyoza for 20 minutes in a steamer.
(Remember to oil the plate before you lay those gyoza on it because I didn't and it sticks to the plate when it's cooked!)

When it's cooked, remove gyoza from the steamer and brown them on a grilling pan.

Serve gyoza hot with organic black vinegar and young ginger

Here's how the inside of the gyoza looks like.


PEARLY said...

hi dear sorry havn't been around for sometime just too tire and busy . wow......looking at all the new and old post u are back in action huh all those lovely food make my mouth watering ... especailly the asam laksa extra small kaakakakak I love it may be if I;M att the stall I will end up eat 3 to 4 bowl ahhahah.
have a lovely sunday do miss u xxxx

L'abeille said...

Hi Pearly,

Wah! Long time no see...
Don't stress yourself too much ler, come to M'sia and get yourself a few bowls of mini assam laksa ;)

Have a nice weekend


Philip Pang said...

ehy, hungryyyy lerrhhh!!

there's this stall in JB owned by a Chinese lady from China and boy, it's very nice. But quite ex larh. hehehe.

L'abeille said...

Hi Philip,

Yeah, it's quite costly. XT nearly choked himself when he got to know the price hehe...