Friday, December 28, 2007

TJ Haus, SS18 Subang Jaya

Merry Christmas my dear foodies! We're finally back from partying and it was a blast. Hope you had a blessed Christmas yourself..

As usual, X-T and I had our cosy Christmas dinner before returning to Ipoh to be with the family last Saturday evening. It wasn't easy to decide what to eat here in Kuala Lumpur because we're spoiled with too many choices. Anyway, this year... we wanted somewhere near and quiet and we found TJ Haus. An European/German restaurant located at SS18, Subang.

We shared the pumpkin soup. Guess the next time we go there again, I wanna have the whole bowl to myself. I bet X-T would do the same because it was so so Soooooooooo yummy!

For appetizer, we had the seasoned salmon salad.. *TWO THUMBS UP!*

I had German Styled grilled crispy duck. It's not oily, the meat was tender and the skin was crispy.

X-T had lamb shank. It was tender, flavorful and I love the Mediterranean styled vegetables which tasted almost like ratatouille.

We thought of having their desserts but we were too full that evening after the main course. The price was extremely reasonable and guess we'll be visiting this place again when we've an itch for European food soon...real soon ;P


Zawi said...

The Lamb Shank X-T had seemed delicious. With that kind of food I guess you and X-T will have to burn them off if you want to avoid putting on weight at the wrong places hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Had New Year's dinner @ TJ Haus.
Unfortunately, they had a set menu. Well, this should have set off alarms but I was in good company and optimistic considering the good reviews of this place.

So, onward with a Venison Consomme with Venison & Pistachio patties. The consomme was good, although a bit salty and the patties (3 small thumbsized ones) were flavorful. Overall, quite a good soup to whet the appetite.

I chose the Grilled Mahi Mahi (fish) main course. Served with rissoto and tomato pesto. Verdict: BAD!

The fish was dry. No enough sauce either. The rissoto was salty. They gave 2 cauliflower and 1 brocolli, pathetic. The tomato pesto spiced things up but again, too little of it.

Damn disappointed so we canceled dessert.

Meal came to about RM40.

Not a good first impression which is sad. I had high expectations for TJ Haus. Looking forward to some good food from a gourmet kitchen. Instead I got bad, expensive crap.

Tonight, it seems TJ Haus was more about making the New Year buck.

L'abeille said...

Zawi:You're right! We were playing badminton the day after, had a walk in the park after that night's dinner haha..

Anonymous: Thank you so much for your feedback.We went for their ala carte and it tasted good. We saw their Christmas & New Year menu and I told XT the price is rather expensive but didn't know it tasted so bad. I think we'll be avoiding their festive menus in the near future.