Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Getting married in a hurry and off they went on a honeymoon!

I was still half asleep and suddenly in the middle of the night, my cellphone rang. I picked up the call and realised it's actually John on the other line. We were college mates 10 years ago and we still do keep in touch. He was so excited to tell me that he and my friend Lisa suddenly decided to get registered to get marry. They did it last weekend and they're now in Las Vegas honeymooning. I asked him how did he manage to make the travel arrangement so quickly. He said both of them is always a last minute person and they made the reservations through Las Vegas hotel reservations. It was hassle free and now he's happily holidaying in Las Vegas. Wow...I heard of fast food and express lanes in banks but express wedding? That was really my first time hearing such but anyway, congrats guys!

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