Thursday, March 06, 2008

Xi Yan, Singapore

Xi Yan is situated at 2nd level, 38A Graig Road, Singapore. You'll never see any signboard directing you to the restaurant. Oh wait, I don't remember seeing number "38A" too. All I remembered was walking across a small garden, step up a dark cold enclosed staircase towards the red wall. "Welcome to Xi Yan", a young Chinese lady greets as we open the door towards a brand new dining experience for both X-T and I.

I've heard and read about Xi Yan and all about the long wait list (at least 3 months in advance) to dine here. Xi Yan is not your typical Chinese restaurant because menu's fixed. There's no such thing as ala carte here and in another words, YOUR MEAL'S planned!

Here's our lunch menu for the day. The dessert was changed to Xi Yan Signature dumplings in ginger soup.

It wasn't 'convenient' for us to take photos of each and every dish served but I managed to collect a few dishes from Xi Yan's own website on what we had that day. I'll let the photos do the talking....

Foie Gras Somen - A slice of juicy foie gras served on a bed of cold somen. *Yums*

Greenhouse tomatoes in sesame sauce-This appetizer tasted as good as it looks! The huge Japanese tomatoes were skinned, chilled and served with sesame sauce. One of Xi Yan's signature dish. Aunt requested for more sauce and I was drowning every spoonful of tomatoes with the sesame sauce. TRULY REFRESHING!

We had Xi Yan's signature 'tang yuan' or dumplings in ginger soup for dessert. We were asked to guess the 5 ingredients used to make their signature dumplings. Well the answer is namely egg yoke, wintermelon, sesame seeds, peanuts and butter.

Thanks to our host for such delightful dining experience!

Xi Yan

38A Craig Road

Singapore 089676

Tel: +65 6220 3546 (By reservation only)

GPS COORDINATES : N 01° 16.693” E 103° 50.524”

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Ron Jerem Lee said...

honestly such entrance is quite spooky.... got hantu ah?