Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Restoran Fai Kee @ GreenHill Ipoh

This is one of my favourite place to visit for a nice breakfast whenever I return to my hometown -Ipoh. Their trademark greetings would be a very loud "GOOD MORNING!" every time you enter FAI KEE. Everybody is here for their very famous seafood noodle, their fish head noodle, their signature bouncy bouncy pork balls and their Dory fish noodle. I tell you, every thing is nice here...when I say everything ..I mean EVERYTHING!!!

Here's a peep at their menu.

Well, the food here is abit pricey for our Ipoh standard but I guarantee you it's worth every $$$ spent on each bowl of their heavenly noodle.

Just a quick reminder...

It's never easy to find a parking here. :S

The Dory fish noodle

Who would actually order TOMYAM for breakfast? Haha.. me lar..! If grandma would see me slurping this bowl of soup down so early, she would've nagged me until KINGDOM COME :p

Instead of the normal seafood noodle I used to order, this time around I tried their tom yam seafood with "lai fun" . Deliciousssss and not too spicy. Just right for breakfast.

Here's their signature fried bouncy bouncy pork balls. It came pipping hot, it's abit crunchy on the outside and bouncy on the inside. Heavenly!

You gotta queue to order your food ler... don't pwey pwey!
You'll end your seafood noodle experience with a VERY loud and cheerful "THANK YOU. PLEASE COME AGAIN" every time you leave FAI KEE.


Annie Q said...

Drooolllingggggg....u make me "lau hou sui"!!!! I want to boil this soup this weekend! blek!

twosuperheroes said...

wah..... how we wished we can have some.. *drooling!* The dory fish noodle looks delicious! :p

L'abeille said...

Annie Q: One bowl for me please.. you've my address right? RIGHT???

Twosuperheroes: Go fly to Ipoh to grab a bowl. It tasted good :)

W said...


Found your site when I was searching for Rooibos Cafe. Thought I could find their official website and the menu.

I can't help but to check out your most recent posting as well and I noticed that you had your Tom Yam with "lai fun". Actually, "lai fun" is not "rat tail noodle", though the ingredients for making them could be the same.

Saw some interesting posts as well. Keep up the good work! :)

L'abeille said...

Hi w,

Thanks for explaining the difference between lai fun & loh si fun to me. Now I know :)