Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Roach & I

Whenever I see a roach, my whole body turns weak, my heart beats faster than usual (maybe I should strap on to a pulse oximeter to check the speed of my heart beat someday) and I felt like I want to faint. When the roach and I meet, I'll be screaming for help. X-T would usually be the hero, running towards me with a can of aerosol. Of course he'll be laughing as he approach me. If you think I'm such a weakling, let me tell you why. It all started when I was only 5. I went to the loo and I saw 2 roaches playing inside the toilet. I wasn't afraid of roaches at that time but as I begin to pee, the 2 brown devil decided to craw up my 'you-know-what' as I pee. That's how my phobia started... :(

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