Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vietnam Kitchen @ Jaya33

After church and was hunting for food and as always, we'll be asking each other the same question.... "What and where to eat?". I spotted Vietnam Kitchen as we were shopping for junks at Jaya33's supermarket and I suggested Vietnam Kitchen. I remembered they serve very delicious dishes in the other outlets but I'm not too sure about this one at Jaya33. We gave this one a try..

As always, X-T wanted me to surprise him with my selection of dishes..

The first dish was Fish fillet with 3 sauces and it was good. Juicy fish fillets coated with a hint of sweet, sour and spicy sauce.

Next, we ordered sesame chicken. Boneless chicken meat coated with a light and crunchy batter on the outside. It was good too!

Stir fry lotus root. One word: YUMMY!

The two drinks I would never stop ordering whenever I'm at Vietnam Kitchen. Avocado milk shake & the 8 treasure icey cold dessert. Sigh... let's go get some more :p

Vietnam Kitchen @ Jaya33 was as good as the other branches. Greattttt!


desmond-t said...

wah labeille...long time no see...

i can smell the food from ur blog!


all food quality will be the same as others...btw thanks for the quality concern...we welcome you back as always..