Friday, March 10, 2006

Eat full nothing to do

I was explaining to Mad One how frustrated am I meeting really really rude people, people who can't speak nicely to a lady. At one point, I said "eh, if only I can spill out the "vulgarest" sentense I can which last for at least 30 secs, I would just spit it on him"Well, the problem is...I can't speak a proper vulgar word correctly with the right pitch, pronunciation and if I were to say "tiu lei", the other party will definately laugh his lungs out instead of feeling offended...sigh..

Suddenly...she came out with this.

I timed's 36sec to complete this sentence and I almost bite my tongue and lock my jaw reading...I guess it's easier to pray for him so that The Man Up Above can turn him into a better man!

Oy ya, by the fast can you do it ar?


5xmom said...

LOL, if I can speak Cantonese, I would podcast that! But mine is limited to CB, LC in Hokkien only. I dare not even say the F word. But writing it out is damn kick enuff.

Anonymous said...

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