Thursday, March 16, 2006

Two weeks old "MeeKu"

2 weeks ago, dad and mom went to Penang for a day trip and bought me this huge "meeku" (sorry i donno what's this called in English, it's actually a big white bun covered with a thin red skin). It's so big it's 1/2 of an adult bottom haha...The sad thing is..I put it in the freezer and forgot all about it until mom called and reminded me..

Peel off part of the meeku and sniff sniff, slap slap, press press and well... it still looks good and eatable..

I wish I can just steam it and eat with my favourite roast pork...sigh but it's already so late and I am living in a deep deep jungle.. The only meat i can find in my freezer is 1 month old chicken meatballs... sigh how depressing..

So I ended up slicing them nicely, dip in egg (seasoned with soy sauce and pepper) and fry in minimal oil..

It was a nice and simple dinner..

There's another 1/2 a loaf of meeku in the freezer...hopefully mom will remind me to finish it before year 2007 haha..


Darren's Alterego said...

Isn't that french toast meeku?

My Life Journey (II) said...

Yes my dear...yes...and it's so so want to have the other 1/2 of the frozen meeku? It's 3 weeks old by now..muahahaha

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