Thursday, April 20, 2006

Steamboat Dinner at watercrest plantation @ Cameron Highlands

Initially, dad's plan was to drive us down to Tasek,Ipoh to have the best sweet and sour crab with steam mantou for dinner but somehow dad changed plans. We stop by Highlands Restaurant @ Brinchang to have our traditional charcoal steamboat. Bravo to dad, it was a good choice...

It was a cooling evening, having a steamy bowl of vege infront of the watercrest plantation..heavenly!! It took a while for the guy to light up the charcoal steamboat but it was ok for me because the scenery was so beautiful and yeah, I had time to go kacau "Barbie", the owner's shih tzu. She's so friendly and playful!

Here's our steamboat with lots and lots of vege...If I remember correctly, they gave us 6 different types of organic vegetables.

This is a MUST-TRY for all strawberry lovers. It's called strawberry passion fruit juice. Slurp!! They have other options such as the boiled watercrest juice, beetroot and other usual juices.

Oh, not forgetting to tell you the "pangsai" session the next day was a very "easy going" one too...muahaha


5xmom said...

Woot! Found your post on Google. Am going to go to this place tomolo. Yahoo!

Anonymous said...
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