Friday, April 14, 2006

Strawberries Frenzy @ Cameron Highlands

WARNING: If you are allegic to strawberries and gets very itchy-bitchy by just looking at the fruit or hate the sight of strawberries. I would suggest you excuse yourself now and visit some other playground.. Don't say Ah Bee never warn you!!

Parents drove me up to Cameron Highlands for a day trip last weekend, just two days before the landslide. THANK GOD!!

Well, strawberries grown in CH are not as sweet as those we get from other countries BUT I don't really care. I can eat strawberries for breakfast, lunch & dinner :)) if possible, for the rest of my life. Life's too boring without these lovely red fruit!!

Paid RM20 (1kg) to enter the strawberry heaven to pluck my own strawberries. Here's my first victim, a juicey one shaped like Mickey Mouse 's palm ..SLURRPPP!!

More for me to harvest..

Mission accomplished!

My next stop will the the strawberry shoppee somewhere in Brinchang,CH..

Aren't these strawberry potties cute? I wish I can plant them inside my air conditioned room..

Rows and rows of dried strawberries in attractive packaging.. Guess how many boxes I grabbed? :p

Honey coated strawberries but a lil' too sweet for me..

Strawberry lollies..

Will talk about what we had for dinner at CH on my next post..


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Strawberry ... were they sour ?

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