Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shun Japanese Restaurant

Sis and I was starving one evening driving around aimlessly and found this nice looking Japanese Restaurant called Shun. It's situated in Subang Jaya beside SJMC and next to Windmill.

The minute we stepped into the restaurant, these's a Japanese couple greeting us. The place is very cosy and I give the rating of 8/10 for the ambience.Actually at one point, I felt that I am in Japan because we were the only chinese there (the rest of the tables are all filled with Japanese) and the whole place is full of post-it menu written all in Japanese..

There's plenty to choose from in the menu but all our tummy can afford to stuff in was one udon set that comes along with a big bowl of sushi rice topped with unagi and sashimi, a bowl of cold tofu, salad and sliced watermelon..

The price is pretty reasonable too. We'll try their sake on our next visit :)