Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How did Ah Bee banged a Japanese guy on a happy sunny Monday morning?

It was a bright Monday morning, Ah Bee dressed her best to work that morning. Warm up the car engine and started my journey to work 45 mins earlier that day..

As I was driving along a "ONE WAY STREET" heading towards KL out of my housing area singing along on the radio to my favourite song "Black horse & a cherry tree..", suddenly one Proton Perdana driving very fast from behind made a supersharp and furious U turn right infront of my car. *****screeechhhhhh...BANG******

Greybox & grey arrows : Ah Bee's car & Ah Bee's direction
Blue box & blue arrows : Japanese guy's car and his direction
Purple arrows showing one way street
Red "star" showing the kissing between grey & blue :p

Ah Bee walked out of the car...check check my front..adoiiiiiiiiiii *(#$%&*()#$^&@! I was so wanted to screw him.......anyway, Ah Bee was being cool and acted rational even if some "beach" took my-no self respect-no self discipline-hopeless lover-type of lady, I gave him a smile since he's going against the traffic.. so? HE'S GONNA PAYYYYY anyway.. why create a drama keke..

I confronted him who turns out to be a Japanese guy... :p

Ah Bee: So why did you go against the traffic? *smile smile and point point on the tar road with all the one way street ARROWS*

Japanese guy: ..... (with a silly smile)

Ah Bee: So how? Do you want to call someone?

*Japanese called and bla bla in Japanese on his cellphone while Ah Bee waits on and trying to figure out what's he blabing*

10 minutes later, two polite Malaysian from his office came to rescue us.

Rescuer #1: Hello, I am Nini, what actually happen?

Ah Bee: well, he was speeding from behind, overtook my car, stopped infront of me in a flash and wanted to make an illegal U TURN towards another ONE WAY STREET on the opposite side of the road..Even if he missed my car, he would have made a head-on collision ahead of him... So dangerious man...

Rescuer #1: Ok, it's our fault... We appologise..the Japanese guy is new here..

Rescuer #2: Sorry..sorry...

Japanese guy: *blur blur*

To cut the long story short, my car was send to their recommended workshop at Jalan Subang 8, USJ on an all expenses paid 1/4 exterior makeover and the workmanship was superb. It took them only 6 hrs to complete the job. My car was washed, vacummed and was sparkling handsome!!!

My car was returned to me on time and I was still able to go salsa practice at 7pm that day.. Thank God I am safe, solving the accident without any arguements, good job done on the repair work (there're already some scratches previously and the lights need changing too Hekekek)..

I believe this is what we call Blessing In Disguise :p


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